Kathie Selinger is a west coast artist with a sense of colour and a keen eye. She uses rich evocative imagery with an expressive style.


Born in Vancouver and growing up in Coquitlam & Tsawwassen, Selinger says “ I Have always felt the environment in which you grow up in and where you choose to live helps to much of your visual language”. Currently, she is living in Chilliwack.


Selinger took a number of fine art classes at Douglas College before deciding to return to school full time. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art with a major in Printmaking and a minor in painting. She feels that her printmaking background is a definite reason why she enjoys working in layers of texture and colours. Selinger also believes that her previous print making experience influences working in series.


Kathie says that she has always loved to travel and has been fortunate to discover cruising during the last few years. This has enabled her to visit Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida & Hawaii. She now loves to include images form her travels in her work, combining them with rich layers of textures & colour.